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Your wealth should open up doors for you instead of keep you awake at night. With an effective plan, you can utilize every dollar to create the kind of life you long to have.

Where is it you want to go? Who do you want to see? What do you want to do? Every plan starts with honest, open conversations. It’s important that we grasp your vision for the future so we can analyze and recommend the right strategies to help get you there. During our initial discovery meeting, we will be getting to you know you as an individual, not your financial documents. Our goal is to determine that we are a good fit for each other. From there, we will begin the financial planning process.

These are just some of the areas that we’ll discuss along the way in the financial planning process:

Prepare for Retirement. Most people don’t login to check their 401k frequently or update their contributions. Leave all that to us! It is possible to prepare for retirement while still enjoying life today. We’ll analyze your needs together and align your retirement opportunities from your employer, or help you manage your individual retirement account.

Retirement Income Planning. When the time does come to retire, our team is here to offer support as you navigate a new season in life. How much money do you need each month for your living expenses? Where should it come from? We will help you create a plan for where your income will come from to maximize your assets.

Minimize Debt. Debt shouldn’t be the scary elephant in the room. If you are looking to pay off credit cards, student loans, car loans, or even your mortgage to make room for other opportunities, a plan can be encouraging and motivating as you track your success.

Understand Life Insurance. “Do I need life insurance?” is a question we hear all the time. We’ll evaluate your situation together and determine if life insurance is a smart option for you and your family.

Save for College. Setting money aside early can mean the difference between student loans and a degree without debt. We’ll help you navigate the options and make well-informed decisions.

Purchase a home or car. Saving for a down payment on a home or buying a new car? Starting a new revenue stream with a rental property? The options for loans and mortgages can be overwhelming and not to mention confusing. We’ll lend you an expert’s take and explain each one.

Estate Planning. Protect your family and your assets as you transition your wealth from one generation to the next. During this process we’ll help you create your plan and communicate all the details of your affairs to your family.

Master your Taxes. Are your tax strategies working for you? We will do our best to help you save and invest in a way that is efficient. Better tax planning means less taxes and less stress when it comes time to file.

Financial planning is so much more than a budget. You’ll experience the difference the minute you meet with us! No obligation and no pressure; you can schedule a complimentary consultation with us anytime.