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Investing by Design

Many people avoid investing simply because they feel they lack the know-how, or they don’t have time to monitor their investments. Even worse, some are afraid their financial advisors are not working with their best interests at heart. Investing with knowledge, understanding, and the information you need should never be out of reach.

We proudly serve as Fiduciaries to our clients. Click HERE to learn more about what we mean by Fiduciary. 

Just as we do with financial planning, we place a high priority on your involvement throughout the investment process. Remember, our goal is to arm you with knowledge so that you are the one in control. You lean on us for advice and guidance when you need it. When you work with us, we are sitting on the same side of the table as partners.

We are on a quest to challenge the old status quo of investment management; no binders full of confusing charts and graphs that you can’t understand. Successful investing tailored to your goals takes careful thought, analysis, and planning. 

The Investment Process

When you work with us, we’ll cover all the basics of investing. We’ll have conversations about how comfortable you are with risk, and consider the purpose behind your investment. What is the money intended for in the future? If you are saving for a home, when do you want to buy? That timeline helps determine where and how you’ll invest. Technology is a key component of our investment process. We utilize a program called “Riskalyze” which is a technology that helps us to identify your acceptable level of risk and reward. With the help of this tool, we ensure that your portfolio defines your investment goals and expectations.

Once we have your risk level and the timeline established, we develop a strategy.

Here’s the thing about investing: trying to time the stock market just doesn’t work. The best investment strategies come down to the ability to stick with it. It is tempting to want to react to the ups and downs of the stock market, but ultimately this will yield disastrous results and take you off your intended course. Be patient, and let time work to your advantage. You can count on us to monitor your investments and make recommendations if a change of course would be to your benefit. Everything is tailored to your goals, not selling you products. You can rest assured that any investment strategy is for your benefit and not ours.

Ultimately, investing is only a part of your overall financial plan. Success is not defined by a rate of return, but rather by how well the plan achieves your goals. 

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