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What do we mean by “Well-Traveled?”

We see wealth not as something to collect, but as a catalyst for all the amazing experiences life has to offer. What is it that you long to do with your life? How would you spend your days if it were entirely up to you? Maybe you enjoy exploring new places, or want to have freedom to spend time with your family. Our team is devoted to helping you make strategic financial decisions so you can live your best life, starting now. 


Do you ever think about what your life will look like in five years? What about ten years, or even twenty? If those questions give you anxiety or keep you up at night, you’re in the right place. At Well-Traveled Wealth, we have made it our mission in life to help you kick fear and uncertainty to the curb. Discover confidence and take hold of your tomorrow with expert financial planners by your side.

We are a wealth empowerment firm based out of San Diego, California. If you’re motivated by the idea of truly owning your financial life and have a desire to understand what your money is doing, we invite you to meet with our advisors. Our only requirement for clients is an adventurous spirit and a serious love for life. When working with us you won’t need an encyclopedia to understand your investment portfolio or decipher your financial plan. Our advisors are here to help you get in the driver’s seat as you discover, prioritize, and achieve your goals.

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Our Approach to Financial Planning is Different

Collaboration. We don’t simply tell you what to do; you’re in control. We’ll define and build a plan together.

Education. No intimidation or mystery here. Our advisory team is committed to taking the time to walk you through every step and the logic behind each recommendation.

Experience. We’ve studied economics, stock markets, and investment strategies so you don’t have to. Put our experience to work for you.

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Financial Planning



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